MobileFun is an ecommerce website that focuses on selling mobile gadget accessories. This site allows multiple vendors to showcase their products and has a wide range of accessories such as phone cover, mount, screen protector, stylus, and chargers for no less than 10 mobile phone brands. With such expansive display of products, MobileFun needs a robust and powerful PIM to organize all product organization and keep shipping and order information straight.

This site’s feature:

Expansive mega menu with neat list of products

Customized product detail page containing product specs, customer reviews, star-rate system and notification when in stock

Accurate order tracking

Feedback submission

Flexible payment system

Custom search function

technology devices


Completed in 201x, the website has been raking in traffic and subsequently, revenue. According to Google Customer Reviews, the site rate 4.6/5 stars. Clearly, Mobilefun has delight clients with their wide range of product and meticulous customer service, thanks to a functional and efficient website.