JaJuMa Market - Multivendor Omnichannel Marketplace

Originally planned to become a delicatessen marketplace operator, JaJuMa has grown into a strong ecommerce solution agency thanks to its visionary and entrepreneur founders: brothers Sven and Oliver Jaufmann.

JaJuMa Marketplace

JaJuMa Marketplace is a new service of JaJuMa, which provides ecommerce solution to marketplace model businesses. It aims to create a software which is optimized for individual needs and demands of the customers and make the process of marketplace operation more streamlined and stable. JaJuMa Marketplace is a collaborative work between JaJuMa and Wsoftpro and has been up and running since early 2012.

The final fruit of collaboration boasts the following features:

  • Customized frontend and backend themes
  • Powerful integration of third-party API for teamwork and project management
  • Optimized customer management for both individual customers and enterprise customers
  • Robust system for managing customer requests
  • Flexible cart and payment system taking into account the characteristics of products

Thanks to the new and vastly improved JaJuMa Market website, the marketplace operation solution service pack is spreading fast among vendors and marketplace operators. JaJuMa is now even more equipped to deal with the influx of clients and request, and can continue to expand their business and be: to provide marketplace operators with omnichannel multivendor systems that work efficiently and effectively to connect the consumers and the goods and service providers.

Jajuma omnichannel multivendor systems