What’s Magento E-commerce?

Magento Commerce is a platform that gives you the freedom to personalize, based on the business enterprise model of your web store and the business goals. Magento e-commerce is also very scalable because you can have no limitation to business expansion. Online marketers can reach more customers by using its multi-store retailing features. In addition, the SEO features and customer connection will tap into more customers that may eventually lead to business development.

What does Magento E-commerce provide?

Magento is abundant with features, like marketing special offers and tools, site management, multi-address transport, product browsing, and many other website managers. Let’s delve more deeply into a few of the prominent top features of Magento Ecommerce.

1. Site Management

With this feature you can control multiple websites and stores in one Administration- panel with the ability to talk about just as much or only a small amount of information as needed.

2. Marketing and Campaign Tools

Magento’s marketing tools permit the online business proprietor of creating the productive variety of deals to increase conversions.

3. Catalog Management

With this tool you can take care of the powerful catalog via an admin interface. This consists of various options in showing items and products to be sold.

4. Analytics and Reporting

This tool provides awareness of the store performance to permit actionable changes to respond to your visitors’needs.

5. Shipping

With Magento E-commerce’s overall flexibility, you can tailor it to how you deliver. This tool will highlight the real-time carrier rates, with support for accounts specific rates, level or desk rates to your visitors.

6. Order Management

With this tool you will see requests, create invoice/receipt and delivery details for Sales, and credit memos for your visitors.

7. Payments

Magento is included with a number of major payment gateways from the package, as well as alternate payment methods from PayPal, Amazon, and Google.
These are just some of the abundant features that magento multivendor E-commerce provides. With Magento E-commerce, there are no limitations to creativity.