Payroll System Management

Efficient and Effortless Management of Employees

Features and benefits of Payroll System

At Wsoftpro, we not only bring you the comfort of administrative routines of payroll but also the speed of automatic systems payroll processing. Your employees will definitely enjoy the secure, simple, and seamless self-service, while your organisation fully complies with employment legal changes in payments and contributions.

Convenient payroll processing

Wsoftpro offers solutions of automatic payment to speed up the processing of salary components. You may schedule the payment terms, customise one-time payment, exclude or include employees from pay intervals, and secure payment transactions.

Collaboration with employees

You wouldn’t want to do the payroll task alone, would you? Wsoftpro streamlines the payroll processing by letting the employees take care of their payment workspace. The employees’ documents such as summaries of payment and tax sheets are neatly organised and easily retrieved.

Adaptive to legal changes

Our payroll managers are able to keep updated with laws in tax and and other regulations so that all of your payroll processing is legally compliant.

Robust management tool

Wsoftpro provides services that allow for user control, quality assurance, supervision, and other administrative tasks. All the tools are quick to install and responsive to multi-site management.

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