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Why Choose Us?

We, Wsoftpro, a partner of Okta, surely can help you with many reliable services. Wsoftpro can help to bring you the secure as well as the effectiveness of Okta integration. With the needs of the market, Okta wants to spead the scale and helps many enterprises to get access to new technology. To do that, they choose us, Wsoftpro, as their reliable partner to make the integration more popular and be within the reach of many people. Both Aguilar and Bathija appreciate Wsoftpro and they claim ``Wsoftpro plays a big role`` and feel ``happy with the relationship``.

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We have published three books about marketing

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Are you looking for top quality Magento Okta integration solutions? You can hire Wsoftpro to fulfill all types of Okta integration needs. We offer the best guidance and support and get the job done in a smart and reliable way. You can expect cost compliant services with us.

We offer everything you need to retain best service and quality which result in 100% customer satisfaction. Managing your employees becomes an effortless task with our services. Wsoftpro offers the best authentication services to help you control and manage our organization effectively. Our authorization solutions facilitate the use of smart technology and you can save a lot of time.

You can also expect token authentication, OpenID Connect and Single Sign-on features with our Magento Okta integration. Our solutions are compatible with several applications and you can also maintain all information in a secure way. If you are searching for the best Okta integration services, look no farther than Wsoftpro.


Wsoftpro supplies you authentication service to help you have chances to access and manage the access of other people. This help to bring things under control to manage the oganization.


We can help to deal with your API and documentary with SDK tool. Complete Docs & SDs service can help you save time with modern technology.


Active directories and LDAP integration are what Wsoftpro can bring to you. With AD SSO integration, you can feel comfortable to work without stress of remembering names and passwords for accessing.

Token Authentication

Wsoftpro helps you to feel easy with token authentication. This, in fact, is to protect yourself. You can keep your information in secure with token authenciation service.

OpenID Connect

Wsoft will instruct you step by step to have your ID open and connected easily. You can have your ID open automaticaly in few seconds without typing the name or password everytime.

Single Sign-On

With SSO integration, Okta can helps you sign on many different applications in the same time. Wsoftpro, the partner of Okta, of course can help you a lot with our expert team.

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