We provide direct integration in checkout step for Magento 2

2C2P - One Stop Payment Services

Why choose us? Many customer choose to abandoned cart due to the complexity of payment step. With our payment integration customer able to directly input the credit card information within Magento checkout without the need to redirect to any third parties page. Customer will enjoy an easy and seamless checkout experience which will result in a dramatical increase in sales and revenue.

Utilize Magento default payment gateway form

Credit card information is encrypted and 100% secured

Support 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) on checkout

Send shipping address to Authorize.Neting

Pay by credit card

Require CCV code (for new cards, or with every purchase) service

Save credit cards for reuse and more

Multi-store support

Why should use Wsoftpro for a 2C2P and Magento integration?

Why is Magento

Why should choose Magento? With over 250,000 merchants around the world, Magento is the most popular commerce platform in the world. Magento helps you to create unique and streamless shopping experiences with the flexibility to customize and grow your platform. Magento platform supported with a global ecosystem of highly trained partners and extension marketplace with suitable for both small, medium or enterprise businesses. The final step to finalizing an online store is set up a payment method. This means how your consumers pay and how you collect money from them.

So, what is 2C2P payment gateway?

2C2P is an online payment method designed for merchants and consumers to process e-payment. By providing various payment choices for customers, 2C2P helps online businesses increase sales and reach to a wider customer base.

Accept payments wherever you are

2C2P partners with major international and Asia-based card businesses, banks and regulators, allowing consumers to pay in their local currencies.

Build-in security

2C2P fully complying with PCI via SecurePay. SecurePay encrypts card detail at the client side, so sensitive data is never exposed.

How to use it

Merchants have to register with 2C2P via the website, or a call to sign up for the service. 2C2P will require identification and bank details, in addition to merchant agreement documents.