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Wsoftpro provides fully-automated core services of HRM: candidate management, employee engagement, optimization, payroll, workforce management, and contingent workforce management.

Employee workspace

Employee documents are recorded in a real-time manner, allowing for quick reporting, time-saving audit or inspection.

Professional development

Employees find themselves growing through learning courses, and credential management.


Quantitative indicators serve an important role in managing HR information, which can be incorporated into the corporate financial reporting, business strategies and other processes.


Wsoftpro offers services that help conveniently compute payments of all kinds, such as salaries and overtime. Hassle-free automation allows for quick calculation of net payments that employees receive, after all complicated deductions and contributions.

Talent management

The efficient reporting and employee records system are useful for evaluating employees, rewarding and encouraging them to train for professional development.

Seamless Communication

Wsoftpro supports the companies to keep in touch with the customers and have seamless communication with them. With this tool, you and your enterprises can work more efficiently, and can leverage the capabilities of your company to every customer engagement.

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