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How to INCREASE Magento Commerce

How to Accelerate Magento Commerce

If you are running Magento Business on a shared environment, speeding up your downloads can be seen as a challenge. Slow-launch websites cause customers to click away and shop elsewhere.

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Before you start working on improving your website, thoroughly test your speed with a tool like or Run several tests at different times in Concept for speed up as it will change according to existing server fills and other factors.

Knowing your current launch speed, you can start trying to reduce it. Make sure you always back up your website before making any changes. When it is possible to test these first on another sandbox install magento multivendor rather than a live website.

Here are five actions you can take to increase insertion time with Magento. You may want to contact your website sponsor or website designer to help you through some of the steps. Also, be sure to avoid and test your site after any changes to make sure it’s still ready to go, this way you’ll know which change triggered any conditions.

1) PHP5 – Make sure that the server you manage is holding php5. Since the php5-cgi data Magento provides will continue to function, they also greatly reduce the speed and enhance the insertion on the server.
2) Enable spooling – In your Magento admin -panel you will explore options for buffering in the System. Buffer management. Use these options. You will have to renew the buffer after future changes, but it can help speed up the launch for these potential customers.

3) Enable GZIP Compression – This is allowed in the .htaccess data file Magento includes in it’s default data. Just uncomment the lines for GZIP by detaching the # before the lines.

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4) Install Fooman Speedster – Fooman Speedster is a Magento expansion designed to increase your site by incorporating, compressing, and caching Javascript and CSS documents.

5) Optimise – Follow basic good optimization tactics such as resizing your images before uploading them, and using more compact file platforms when possible.

These steps should get your speed up magento site moving faster when compared to a turtle through syrup which means that your shoppers can gladly load their carts.

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