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 Every question that you have, we have an answer.

Wsoftpro is the leading hub that has answer to all your queries. No matter what problems you are facing, we are always ready to resolve them. We serve round-the-clock services to make sure you are getting complete support from our team of motivated professionals. Providing you with a reliable support is indeed the best approach we use to make sure all your purposes are accomplished here. Get answers to your queries that you can always appreciate here.

We welcome you to get in touch with our experts at any time. We always look forward to providing our customers with what they want. The option of live chat is available at Wsoftpro through which we make sure you are getting comprehensive solutions from our experts. Whenever the query related to our services comes to your mind, we strive to resolve them with ease. You can join live chat and get quick information about everything without going through a cumbersome process.

If you are looking for a convenient way to get all the messages you sent, mailing list will be a solution for you. The answers and solutions we serve can be viewable to every individual. Wsoftpro is responsible for serving your concerns in a doubt-free manner. When you scroll through our mailing list, you might get solutions to your worries immediately. We also look for the opportunities to inspire you through our exceptional services. That’s why we have the best way to organize your queries here.


Some of the questions

1. I assume al communications will be in English?

Yes everything will be in English

2. When we give you a project, who do we communicate with?

We will have a dedicated project manager who will handle all the communication.

3. Which channels does the communication go through? (our preference; mail)

We can do mail, Skype, Slack or any channel you prefer

4. How do you want to receive the briefing?

Via email would be best. We would like also to setup a call to go through the project if possible

5. How does communication normally work during the project? - Do we get regular updates during the project?

We normally work following Aglie and will have weekly scrum meeting. We are familar with Asana, Jira, Trello or any project management tool that you have

6. What is your hourly rate?

Our pricing is negotiable and it would be different base on project complexity. Please get in touch for a custom quote base on your requirement.

7. Is there an arrangement where a discount can be given when we purchase more hours?

Sure we open for fix price per project. We also provide discount of large volumn purchase.

8. From the moment we give approval for a project how long does it take before you start the project?

Normally we will gather a kick off meeting with all team member and then start right away with environment setup . Normally it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days depend on project complexity

9. Are we the owner of the work you do for us?

We will sign NDA and contract clearly state that all the work will be done will belong to you

10. Is there a chance that your work, that has been done for us, will be reused by you?

Never. We will sign strict NDA  agreement with you

11. Which systems and techniques do you work with?

We are using Clickup for task management, Clocktify for time management. For server we using AWS and Linux with LAMP stack.

12. To what extent are bugs solved by you?

We make sure all the task delivered is bug free and with free support until you are happy with the work.

13. Even if we did not communicate a preferred solution for an occurring problem directly, but it could have been apparent from the assignment?

We will make sure the solution is the best one. There will be charge only in case the scope change

14. Who pays for the costs?

We will pay for cost of bug fixing. That goes without saying

15. When a problem is found and communicated, how long does it take to start fixing these?

We should be able to address those right away. However depend on the situation the Project Manager will clearly state the due date for each task after assignment.

16. Do you offer a trial?

We offer a Trial task/project for any news client. If you not happy during the trial task/project you won’t have to pay for anything at all. So absolutely no risk for you