Customer relationship management System

With logistics CRM system,
Wsoftpro can deal with all customer problems to bring satisfaction for them.

Expertise We Offer

Designed for compliance driven organisations, Wsoftpro delivers the freedoms, quality and innovation of open source CRM and the security, warranties and indemnities of proprietary software. It’s the total care package for CRM system.
- Bulding our company activly for ten years with our associates
- Gambling with our risky moves of products for ten years
- Regular talkshove on at conferences around the world
- Active channels on a social networks

Mobile operation

The cloud-based solution allows for instant updates at reduced costs across devices and platforms. Seamless exchange of information is made accessible to any collaborators from the salesforce to the customer service.

Cloud-based CRM

Wsoft provides a cloud-based CRM service because of its convenience and efficiency of straightforward setup and maintenance.

Affordable CRM

We offer CRM solutions at reasonable pricing while ensuring a quality system of customer records and real-time updates, without any downtime.

Human contact is the key to success.

Wsoftpro understands that maintaining close interactions with clients is a key business strategy. CRM software developed by Wsoftpro helps you build relationships with your existing and potential customers, and further your business goals.

Solutions For Order Processing

Our team with knowledge as well as technology can deal with order problems. We help your process run better, faster and more effectively.

Customer satisfaction

At the end of the day, CRM aims to satisfy customers, both the existing and potential ones. With constant updates of customer profiles and interactions, business owners are confident in making their decisions based on customer feedback and reliable reporting.

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