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Equip your store with a user-friendly navigation system to let customers browse your product catalog in the most comfortable way. Use multiple select fully customizable filters and handy widgets

Once your order is verified, you will receive a download link to the software via your customer account.


Configure email sending settings

Emulate sending out emails to test module configuration

View the content of any email exactly how the customer sees it

Delete log records


By default, your emails are dispatched via the mail server running on the Magento installation server. In other words, it's quite likely that your emails will either end up in spam folders or will get rejected altogether. To improve the chance of a successful email delivery, you need to use reliable SMTP servers.

Flexible settings of SMTP

  • Configure parameters with autofill option
  • Define authentication and connection parameters
  • Specify the address to send test emails

Control the sending of all emails

Deliver all emails of any types successfully. SMTP Email Settings handles all the emails that are sent out from your Magento store (welcome, emails, newsletter, order confirmations, invoices, etc).

Debug mode and log of all errors

Debug mode emulates the work of Magento 2 email SMTP server without sending out any emails. If any errors occur you will see them in the log and make fixes without reconsidering all the settings. Clear the log manually or automatically after a certain period of time.

Specify settings for multiple websites and store views

If you manage multiple Magento stores from one backend, it’ll be quite useful for you to specify SMTP parameters as a server address, a provider and others for each store separately.

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