Why API Integration

For businesses, manual or semi-manual processes and operations are very expensive. By doing integration with Third Party APIs/Web Services, you can put all your business operation in one place and expand even further your capacity. At Wsoftpro we offer integration services which are flexible, scalable and able to seamlessly connect your existing system with any other third parties you need. Our core platform is Magento, however, we also do our work on another platform such as Drupal, Laravel, and PHP.

Akeneo is a Product Information Management (PIM) which help you to gather all your marketing and product information including listings and catalogs into one place.

For most Mageno 1 and 2 User, the manual process of copying data from one platform to another is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we offer a full integration service between Magento and Akeneo that aims to the seamless connection between both systems and frees up your time to spent on boosting sales. Our team at Wsoftpro will be able to help you install, configure, and support PIMGento to integrate Akeneo with your Magento site.

Contact with us today to get a free consultation on Akeneno integration project 1. Magento API mobile integration

Mobile commerce is a kind of new e-commerce nowadays. Building the best Magento mobile app becomes a strenuous task because a number of mobile commerce app providers is increasing dramatically. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you to build the best mobile commerce app which can optimize your online shopping activities.

Because of the development of ecommerce platforms, the demand for building Magento mobile commerce app is increasing. If you find a ready-to-go Magento mobile commerce app solution, you will have advantages of quick build, less time-to-market, room for customization, technology integration and of course, uncompromising performance for being native.

Contus M-comm is a ready-made framework which help you to build Magento mobile app more easily. This platform-specific mobile commerce app solution can be customized to any extensions to build the best magento mobile app.

Here are some reasons why we suggest Contus M-Comm for building your Magento mobile app:

  • 100% customized
  • Let your customers engage
  • Simplifying navigation within your mobile apps
  • Ecommerce-friendly
  • Push notifications
  • Promotional mechanisms
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Synchronization
API development
API development
2. Shopify integration with Hubspot

With a Shopify and Hubspot integration, you can follow up with marketing automation emails to your Shopify customers, as well segment and report on your customers in some pretty ways. Here’s how the Shopify and Hubspots integration works

  • A customer buy products through your Shopify site
  • An order is created for this customer
  • The integration will fire up and if the customers does not yet exist as a contact with Hubspot, the integration will create a new Contact
  • The integration will also create a new Deal in Hubspot and subsequently will tie this Deal to this contact
  • From there is a marketer can leverage Hubspot’s segmentation, automation and reporting tools based off the new Deals created from the Orders over in Shopify for this contact

When you use these two tools together, your company is able to influence critical customer and buy data from your shopping cart with Hubspot’s powerful inbound marketing, measurement, and reporting tools. This allows you to understand more clearly your buyers, create more effective engagement campaigns, and drive revenue. Therefore, it is a complete solution for inbound marketing and ecommerce, and it provides your company with the suite of tools necessary to manage your online marketing as efficiently as possible.