Our DevOps solutions and services help create a better enviroment resulting in a better product

What is DevOps?

Devops stand for development and operation. Simply put DevOps is the person who create automation in all development and deployment process. This result in increase in speed and efficientcy within the organization.

What do we offer

Infrastructure Management

Our DevOps team can work with your server hosting service to utilize the cloud and hosting server in order to improve scalability and flexibilty.

Code Inspection & evaluation

Automatic test and deployment script is the core of devops. Our experts will able to help test and improve code, verify bugs, and ensure quality build and provide comprehensive code audit.

Virtual development server

Creating an virtual server will help developer and tester teams able to use the same compute and network environments, which allowing exact same development enviroment variable ( PHP version, Mysql version etc ) and reducing conflict.

Automation deveployment

Automating the deployment process makes the whole deployment process seemless and gain more efficient and agile while reducing overall human error rate percentage

End-to-End Implementation

Each business is different. Each project is unique. We analyze and do a full planning on automate and contrstruction according to the requirement identified for each project


Devops mean fewer threats. We offer complete solutions for data loss protection, anti virus and attack vulnerability

What make us different

The ineffeciency has always been the problem for developer when taking it to the next level. Sometimes the time of back and forth discussion and deployment between development team and QA team can be very painful, especially when you deploy to a live web server regularly. Wsoftpro devops team hep you to maintain the same enviroment across all server, we able to help our clients to deploy code up to 40% more frequently with 70% less failures ratio compared with the old deployment technology. In addition, we increase our overall quality of application development testing by almost 50% and reduce deployment time by more than 208%. Learn how you can save your time, gain more value and produce a better product by outsourcing your DevOps to us. For more detail please contact our sales department using the contact form in the contact section.