With logistics CRM system, Wsoftpro can deal with all customer
problems to bring satisfaction for them.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the phrase we often use when doing business. It is a big part in connecting the buyer and the seller. With this step, you can have a very stable business and loyal customers to develope or expand the shop in the future. That is why there are many CRM services to meet the demand of the market.

Using CRM system, you can know clearly about your consumer behavior. What they like ? What they buy? What about their habits? All are showed in detail for you to have right strategy to appeal their attention. At Wsoftpro, we help to give you best solutions to develop CRM system. We want to bring you success and raise your budget.

Why Choose Us?


Since Wsoftpro was founded in 2012, we have supported many companies all over the world. Our team always brings effective solutions and high quality to clients. All the members are dedicated and love their jobs.


With modern technology, we can help to expand your business. We also understand that security is very important. We focus on this and develop your CRM system to reduce the costs and increase benefit.


We have experienced with many big companies all over the world. That is the reason why you can put your trust on us. Our team can help adding the language on the website to expand your operatiosn.


We always try to update new technology and want to innovate in activities. We want to give you the best quality as well as good services. You can receive great value and be updated with new information.

Expertise We Offer

Batch And Stock Management

Batch and stock management is a big problem we need to concern. Administrating this can help you give best products to customers and be faster in delivering. Our team will give you best advice and solution to run your business effectively.

Logistics Software Solutions

We are also experienced in logistic software. Our experts can give innovative solutions to help you manage your business and arrange things as well as help your staff to work beter.

Asset Tracking Applications

With this service, you can control the activities related to your asset and know about the current state as well. This means you can estimate the value and benefit you earn easily.

Solutions For Order Processing

Our team with knowledge as well as technoloy can deal with order problems. We help your process run better, faster and more effectively.

Supplying And Procurement

Supplying and procurement is also another part of business. You need to manage it well because it affects the flexibility in your selling process. Wsoftpro has enough experience and ability to help you make things more simple.

Robust Cloud-Based Solutions

Wsoftpro team includes experts who have deep understanding in technology. We can help to maintain your cloud computing. You can spend all your time to deal with selling products and we can give robust cloud-based solutions to develop it.

Client's Testimonials

From start to finish Ecommage worked to exceptionally high standards and helped develop a world class website. I would recommend them for any online retail project, especially if within a Magento environment.
Founder of onthebeach.co.uk
Our internal developers already did the migration to 1.8 and failed to finished the job and it's great to have Trung and Ecommage on board to help us.
Founder & Chairman of Mobile Fun