16 Aug,2018

Reasons To Choose Magento


Reasons To Choose Magento

The question is that which should be the best Ecommerce platform has been raised for a period of time with numerous controversial viewpoints by wide range of customers who are seeking for the most convenient and efficient one. Recognizing this high demand, Magento Ecommerce, which is now proved to become one of the most beneficial Ecommerce platforms, was created with the aim of expanding shopping scope, supporting online-shopping system. In this article, we will have a look at benefits that Magento Performance brings about and consider whether it can satisfy customer's requirements or not?

01: Magento Platform Is Free

Magento platform is free, which is a great advantage attracts customers’ attention. You couldn’t totally rely on a central network of developers and administrators so if you don't have to pay for updates or the latest plug-ins and apps, you are encouraged to try this platform. However, Magento enterprise edition is an exception because you have to pay about $15, 000 per annum.

02: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Users are permitted to edit web page content in a WYSIWYG format, which means you can get whatever you see. This amazing feature impresses numerous people because it allows more content arrangements without working with code. Therefore, lower skilled staff can also contribute to content portion of the site despite lacking of significant training. Entry-level CMS option, however, doesn't give users this control because it is easier to allow users access to a back-end system and keep it distinctive from the design and development of the site itself.

03: High Security Level

Magento - PA - DSS compliant has high level of security that is contrast to Drupal Commerce or some other platforms. It meets a global standard for payment security and 14 key protection criteria so it should be the ideal option for large firms or organizations with high demand of security.

04: Multiple Storefront Options

Customers can have multiple storefronts from a single back-end system. Magento supports you on maintaining one harmonized backend system even while running other storefronts for multiple brands. Through that, a series of stores with different designs and characteristics is incredibly run with the same business structure. Furthermore, the Enterprise Edition of Magento brings you opportunity to manage different sites via one administrative framework.

05: Numerous Payment Gateway Methods

Magento provides a huge range of payment gateways thanks to its open feature while most platforms limit you to a handful of choices such as Paypal, Stripe and Worldpay. Things are easier with Magento when you can use it to run Google Checkout or Checkout by Amazon. This writing has pointed out some outstanding benefits Magento brings about. Therefore, for whom are seeking for an powerful Ecommerce platform that can be satisfy your requirements then Magento is a wise option. If you have any ideas or comments don't hesitate to contribute under the writing.

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